Cake in a Can Surprise

Any regular sized can
Pillsbury’s Funfetti Cake & Cupcake mix
Chocolate frosting
Clear packaging tape

Step 1: Remove bottom lid from the can using a can opener. Save the lid for later!
Step 2: Clean the cans and coat it with cooking spray.
Step 3: Fill the cans with cake batter about 1/2 of the way.
Step 4: Bake in cans for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
Step 5: Let cool in cans and then carefully pop the cakes out.
Step 6: Put sprinkles in bottom of can upside-down and squirt in frosting.
Step 7: Place the cake back in the can and tape the lid back to seal it. Use a clear packing tape to make it more polished.
Step 8: Optional* Decorate the can with a birthday label or anything of your choice!

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