DIY On-The-Go Activity Case

1st Activity Casevlcsnap-2016-09-27-16h03m41s601

Crayon box
White papers
Mini clothespins
Glue gun
Mini pencil
Mini eraser

Step 1: Cut the crayon box into 1/3 and 2/3 from the width. Glue the 2/3 piece on the left side’s bottom and the 1/3 piece above it.
Step 2: Place a mini pencil and mini eraser in the top piece. Place the crayons in the bottom piece.
Step 3: Use the right side of the case to glue mini clothespins to hold the sheets of paper for drawing.

2nd Activity Casevlcsnap-2016-09-27-16h04m06s564

Coloring papers
Duct tape
Glue gun

Step 1: Tape the markers on the left side by placing a 1 piece of duct tape over the front and a 2nd piece behind the markers. Use a 3rd piece of duct tape in the back again but tape half of it to the case. This will allow the markers to be moved more freely.
Step 2: Use mini clothespins again to attach coloring papers..


3rd Activity Casevlcsnap-2016-09-27-16h04m38s344

Glue gun
Green Lego mat

Step 1: Glue the Lego mats on both sides of the case.
Step 2: Place your choice of Legos inside and you’re done!

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