Screen-print your own shirts!

Embroidery hoop
Mod podge
Mesh material (nylon or hosiery)
Clip art images
Heavy paper or cardboard

Step 1: Pull the hosiery over the smaller hoop and secure with the larger hoop. Make sure there are no wrinkles on the nylon.
Step 2: Print out any design and place it under the hosiery and trace over the material with a sharpie.
Step 3: Remove the paper and cover the hosiery with mod podge, leave the traced image untouched. Allow the mod podge to dry.
Step 4: Place a square cardboard inside your shirt in the area you want to print the image on.
Step 5: Place the embroidery hoop on the shirt under the cardboard.
Step 6: Apply a generous amount of fabric paint above the image and use a smaller cardboard to push the paint across the image.
Step 7: Remove the embroidery hoop and your image should be printed on the shirt!

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