Instant Hot Chocolate Spoons!

Small wood spoons
Drinking cup
Glass bowl
Peppermint sprinkles
Chocolate (dark, milk, and white)
Pastry bags

Step 1: Unwrap a dark chocolate bar and cut it into small pieces.



Step 2: Heat up water in a pot over a stove, reduce the temperature to medium, and place a glass bowl inside, make sure the water does not overflow. Pour the chocolate shreds in the glass bowl and mix as they melt.


Step 3: Once melted, wait for the glass bowl to cool down before removing it from the pot. Melt white and milk chocolate the same way.
Step 4: Place small wood spoons on a tray and bring them close to the melted chocolate bowls. Slowly dip the spoon in chocolate and scoop out a generous amount, place the spoon back on the tray and proceed to do the same with the rest of the spoons.


Step 5: Pour some of the chocolate in pastry bags and decorate the spoons. Add peppermint sprinkles and get creative! Make as many designs as you can and ask your little ones to help you with this fun activity!



Step 6: Allow the chocolate on the spoons to become solid by leaving them in the fridge for at least an hour. Once ready, dip them in a cup of hot milk and mix! Your hot chocolate is ready!


Step 7: Curl up with a blanket and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with your family!



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