Seeing Clearly: All the Reasons to Shop Online for your Eye Glasses

There used to be a time when eyeglasses were only accessible in retail stores… Who has time for THAT!? You’d have to pack up the car – kids in tow, run over to the store, try on 10 pairs, and whether you were satisfied or not, buy a pair. AND paying between $300 and $800 for a single pair you’ll wear for a few years. Add a five-piece family and you’re looking at well over $1500.

What if there was a safe, secure, and inexpensive way to resolve this issue? has figured this out just for you!

Here are the 6 reasons why you should be buying your glasses online.

  1. Save up to 70% on prescription eyeglasses online, yes please!

How are online eyeglass retailers able to offer the exact same frames, brands, lenses, and treatment as retail stores for 70% of the cost? What’s the trick?

It’s simple. Leading online eyeglass retailers cut out the middleman by having their own in-house laboratory, so all the costs for internal shipping, production and resources are saved. More money to save in your pocket!

Online stores don’t pay retail rent, so you don’t have to either.



  1. You can expect the same top quality and service.

Trying on a pair of glasses is always key, BUT time consuming, oh so time consuming. Buying glasses online from a leading eyeglass supplier like will provide the exact same treatment, options, lenses and frames as well as provide its customers with the ability to “try on” their frames either by virtual mirror or at home trial before they purchase glasses.



  1. No pushy salespeople. Online retailers don’t work on commission!

Shopping for glasses online has become more convenient than ever. You can virtually try on as many pairs as you want and deliberate for as long as you need, all within the comfort of your own home. No need to make small talk with persistent sales clerks or feel self-conscious in front of a mirror. You also don’t need to worry that you are being “upsold,” since online stores don’t work off commission.



  1. Bigger selection online.

Leading online eyeglass stores can showcase over 1500 frames on a single site from classic styles to top designers— a number unmatched by “Brick and Mortar” retailers.

Keep in mind quality can vary! If you are not purchasing from a leading online site, you may find frames for around $6. This is unusual, as it hardly covers the cost of materials. In this case, quality will most likely be affected.



  1. You’ll have reliable customer service.

Customer service teams are available by chat or phone, to solve any issue or question you may have – before, during or after purchase.

It’s recommended to use Google and customer-rating sites like BizRate to compare the quality and service of various online retailers.


  1. Shopping for glasses online is safe, secure and fast.

Most online retailers use a safe and secure checkout process. How can you tell if the checkout is secure? Look for a lock icon or HTTPS in the upper left hand corner of the search bar. Today, customers expect a secure checkout process, 365-day warranty, lowest price guarantee, and free returns.

Not to mention you’ll receive your glasses faster than many offline stores! Glasses ship within days and in many cases shipping is free.

So, if you want to save money, time and energy… think about getting glasses online at



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